Never Asked Questions (NAQ)


So, what’s this blog thingy all about? Simply, it’s about women’s football. Here, there, and everywhere…

Why a blog? Um, ‘cos I wanted to be down with the kids. Okay look, I’ve always enjoyed writing about things I care about, things I find interesting and engaging. Football is at the top of that list. Goodness knows I’ve spent a considerable amount of my working life writing about things I barely cared about at all. My closest and dearest told me a blog would help with this frustration and stave off my mid-life crisis. It’s highly likely that nobody will even end up reading this stuff. Scratch that, one person definitely will. Hi dad!

What’s in it for me (the author)?  Well, I’ll enjoy finding stuff out and sharing that stuff with you and maybe putting my own spin on it.  I’ll use my miniscule corner of the internet to write about football, get feedback on whether what I write is actually any good and use that to get better at writing about football. Win.

(It’s also about finding a crafty way of watching more football and making it look like work, so my wife doesn’t mind!)

What’s in it for anyone else? If you’re curious about women’s football but haven’t got time to spend hours surfing the net for interesting stuff, I’ll do that for you and turn it into articles. Win, win.

What’s the plan, Stan? Well at first, I suspect the content here will resemble a lot of what you can read anywhere else. But I hope to find my own voice in this miniscule patch (pixel?) of the world wide web. I’ll reference other football writers from time to time and provide links and referrals as a way of connecting with others, drawing on their insight and expertise and perhaps we’ll all make a few friends on the way. At some point I hope to get video built in. I grew up reading about the ‘greats’ of the game, but we’re way beyond that now. Seeing these women in action ultimately will often say it better than I ever could.

Why is there a quote on the previous post and a photo that has absolutely nothing to do with women’s football? I’ve no idea, nothing to do with me. Keep in mind, I know next to nothing about blogging or websites or ‘plug-ins’ so bear with me. This is a work in progress… but I have booked on a course!

So overall? Overall, I’d say this is about enjoying and promoting women’s football and adding to the groundswell. As well supporting and fostering inclusivity it’s also as much about joining in and being included. It’s about seeing talent, drive and excellence in the game I love and acknowledging it. It’s about raising questions and talking about issues affecting the sport, the people within it and the communities connected to it.

Welcome, enjoy, tell your friends. And if you don’t enjoy it, ah tell ‘em anyway.

T .

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